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Resources - Web Hosting

One of the most overlooked aspects of SEO is choosing a hosting company that is reliable with excellent uptime percentages. An unreliable host can wreak havoc with search engine robots, so please take some time to visit the list of web host resources we have provided on this page.

FindMyHosting - directory of hosting companies that are rated by users, monitored for downtime and offers price comparisons.

Web Hosting Talk - huge message board for the web hosting industry that contains any and every discussion possible about web hosting.

Web hosting is something that all Internet businesses will need to consider when first getting started and along the way as the website grows and changes. Good web hosting can help a web business grow and prosper while inadequate or poor hosting can have a disastrous effect on your business.

With a bloom of new web hosts popping up and the declining price for hardware there are more choices at lower prices than ever before. But with more choices and cheaper prices comes there becomes more confusion as to which host and which package of services is best suited for your business.

Besides the trends towards cheaper prices, there are some other trends an internet business needs to be aware of when comparing web hosts such as the use of voice over IP application (VoIP) from some Internet telephony solution providers to instantly connect buyers and sales or technical staff. Also the Increasing numbers of users and bandwidth-intensive applications provide unique problems for service providers. The rapid proliferation of network operation centers and peering points is such a trend that will need to be addressed by web hosts in order to stay in the game.

Now matter what, though, research is ultimately the key. Finding out what a web host offers and at what price is a start, but also seeking feedback from current and past customers can shed a lot of light on a hosting company. Also, some third party vendors will monitor a host's uptime and this can be used as important current and historical data when choosing a host.









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