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On this page is a list of SEO companies and resources that we've partnered up with in order to trade relevant traffic. When you are finished with our website, please take the time to check out some of our fine SEO partner websites as well for added expertise or to compare services and rates.

SEMPO - Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization which is a non-profit professional association working to increase awareness and promote the value of Search Engine Marketing worldwide. - Organization of Search Engine Optimization Professionals which is a Not For Profit Organization of search engine optimization consultants and internet marketers developing and implementing a set of "best practices" standards for search engine optimization professionals.

SEO Directory - global directory of search engine optimization sites and services.

Google may have cashed in by finally going public with their stock offering and making billionaires of its founders and millionaires out of many employees, but their market dominance has been declining and will continue to decline because of intense competition from Yahoo! and MSN.

MSN's new home-grown search engines has been receiving rave reviews from the SEO community, especially concerning newer websites receiving top rankings that don't include the "grandfathering" part in their algorithm for older sites like Google does.

A misstep from Google with their now infamous "Florida" update has seen their market share fall from 76-percent to 48-percent of all search engine traffic.

The focus for SEO's has now changed from Google being the only game in town, to optimizing websites that will suit all three major players in the search engine wars. Localization and personalization have added another "Search Engine Survivor" episode to the mix.

SEO companies will need to make adjustments such as adding location information to the address meta tag or recommending blogs and newsletters that will make for a more personalized website experience for the visitors and customers. MSN, in particular, has developed a deep-crawling spider which means many SEO's will be optimizing those web pages many levels down in the structural hierarchy that were not reachable by the robots in times past.









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